Saturday, August 30, 2008

And how absurd is it?

I've been having a hard time writing about Saipan lately.

It's just that things have gotten so absurd that it isn't funny. Except that it is. I can picture some late-night comedian saying "it's so ridiculous that...."

The Governor proclaims a State of Emergency because the Power Plant may blow up.

The U.S. Congress adds a special 'CNMI only' labor category because the local government says existing rules will Osterize our economy-- and the Governor wants to sue because no other U.S. jurisdiction has to put up with these onerous requirements.

The closed-door meeting to push for his suit has to be postponed because of a power outage.

The public is brought into the discussion when the Governor posts his talking points on You Tube.

My son asks me if it's true that the (new) Public Utility Commission is to blame for our power problems as the Governor claims.

The Commonwealth Utilities Corporation has more liabilities than assets but the Legislature wants to require a minimum bid for privatization.

Questionable hiring practices have plagued CUC, but the Legislature wants to ensure jobs are "protected" during privatization.

There's no money in the budget for retirement contributions but the Retirement Fund is being asked to risk its dwindling reserves investing in CUC.

The government is bloated (also see retirement contributions) but is trying to argue that there just aren't enough local workers to staff private businesses.

CUC keeps promising to train local workers this time if they just get another extension to hire contract workers.

The Northern Marianas College's director for institutional advancement moves over to shaky private Emmanuel College.

That's just off the top of my head. Now, what did I miss?


bigsoxfan said...

Contracts workers argue for permanent status, while the economy falls down around their ears? Haven't quite figured that one out yet, as the fabled path to the states is a long and narrow one, bisected by the impenetrable swamp known as the election campaign and constricted more tightly daily as the stateside debate on illegals heats up. I quess they will be closer to Guam when that action starts rolling.

Lil' Hammerhead said...

Legislature determines funding for another baseball field is neccesary.

Saipan Writer said...

Governor and Legislators oppose national marine monument proposal, which would be good for the environment and have a side benefit of boosting the economy, and it is endorsed by Saipan Chamber of Commerce, Mariana Islands Nature Alliance, Saipan Tribune, and thousands of people on the street signing the petitions...

Anonymous said...

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