Tuesday, August 12, 2008

dipity do

What's your favorite internet fad? Check out Dipity.com. It's got all your favorite memes. Missed one? Add it yourself.

Yeah, I revisited Dancing Baby, Frog in a Blender, the Tourist Guy (ugh), The Flying Spaghetti Monster, Dog Skating... well, I got lost in the fun and had to run through the whole timeline.

But I quickly got hung up on You're The Man Now, Dog (YTMND) and demotivators, then 4chan and Anonymous. I got Serious, thinking about what an 'improved', more secure internet would do to the anarchy I love/hate. All that fun stuff got dropped and I posted The meming of security instead.

Happily, a comment on "the internets" snapped me out of it, and I was back with George Bush using "The Google" for aerial views of his ranch. The link I liked was tossed, but I still have one of my all-time favorites: Sen. Ted Stevens and his "Tubes":


Boni said...

Speaking of memes, I tagged you.

Lil' Hammerhead said...

Ted Stevens.. he better enjoy his "gifts" before he hits the slammer.

KAP said...

Yeah, but I read your post on it. I've got permission to put it off for awhile.

Don't underestimate the power of pork. Stevens is wounded but still hugely popular, if he can get off...