Monday, August 11, 2008

CNMI Lt. Gov. in federal custody

That's the headline from KUAM's Mindy Aguon (I was checking on the Olympics).

Lt. Gov. Timothy Villagomez, former Commonwealth Utilities Executive Director Tony Guerrero, Commerce Secretary James Santos and Joaquina Villagomez are supposedly in federal custody pending a 1:00 hearing today. This relates to alleged misuse of federal funds.

Aguon cites Saipan's KSPN-2, so there should be more on tonight's local news--if CUC's power outages cooperate, I add laconically.


bigsoxfan said...

What time do tickets for the stoning hit the box office?

KAP said...

It's in court now, but a jury trial of a public official isn't a done deal. I've already heard a lot of sympathy for his family. On the other side, a lot of people already had their rocks laid away.

bigsoxfan said...

Yeh, the press conference actually produced some real information. Now we now why the public auditor quit the service. Kudo's to him for at least providing a lead. Not from the press conference, but I would be seriously pissed if from the nature of the allegations a phony sale of lime remover was at the crux of the matter given all the overheating problems at the various power plants. Plenty of stones to throw from here in rocky Mongolia.

bigsoxfan said...

One other tidbit from the press confence (I was and still am impressed by the tenor of the questioning) Change of venue must be requested by the defendant. There were people selling bags of stones here after the parlimentary elections, perhaps they weren't so wrong. Should the people really read into items addressed in the indictments, the defendents might want to invest in Lexan shields.

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