Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yahoo mail: starting to suck

I tried to send an email today, but Yahoo wanted verification first. You know, those grade-schoolish scrawls that are supposed to stop computers pretending to be people.

Annoying by itself, but the program they use is worse than most: you can't tell whether the scrawls should be upper or lower case. It took me three tries to be accepted.

Fine, nobody wants too much spam in their diet. Also, a disparate number of my new Nigerian friends seem to have Yahoo! accounts. But here's the thing. They've got massive computer resources and I've had several accounts for years. I don't fit the pattern, fools. I doubt if I've sent more than a dozen emails a week from any account since I signed up.

I've had problems with adware when I tried to read my mail in Internet Explorer. Just an itch because my spy program catches it and Firefox is better anyway.

Oh, and they keep pushing their all-new and improved mail. For months they made me wade through extra pages just to click through to what I signed up for. The new version is lousy, at least for me. They want me to use their Chat, but all I ever see in it is women who Really Want To Meet Me. I've never opened a message there. When I gave up and used it, it frequently froze, then told me there was a 'temporary' problem and I probably should use the old version. I did, and I do.

Ah well, I'm griping about a free service. I could start using my Gmail accounts more-- unless the server is still down.


Boni said...

I just quit using my Yahoo account entirely. They are notoriously easy to hack and I prefer gmail's features. Don't know why I keep it open, all I ever get is new potential matches and i'm not talking about the kinds that start fires.

KAP said...

It's just that I'm on so many mailing lists...

I know the guys from Burkina Faso can find me anywhere.

gmail has been crashing

bigsoxfan said...

Love your earthquake widget. As if CuC didn't have enough trouble with cracked foundations.

Jeff said...

At least women still want to meet you.

KAP said...

I'm afraid they just want to use me and break my heart.