Sunday, August 24, 2008

Conventional pick

Well, I'm disappointed again. No, it's not because my email from Barack Obama (well, it says it's from him) arrived hours after Joe Biden's selection was all over the news.

It's because, as I've said, Biden is part of the problem, i.e. lobbyists overrunning Washington. That's important to me, and Obama held the high ground. Biden's connections aren't 'as bad' as some others? I'll even buy that, but I'm not interested in moral relativism on this subject.

Sure, Obama hasn't been caught with his hand in the cookie jar like McCain with Keating and lobbyists aren't involved with every facet of his campaign-- like McCain. It's just that both parties and both candidates are using soft money and 'bundlers' to get around the present weak restrictions. The so-called '527' groups are sure to follow as the election heats up. With Biden's selection, I just can't see lobbying as a campaign issue anymore, and that's too bad.

But Democrats are probably pleased: a mainstream Catholic liberal with solid foreign policy credentials who plays well with blue-collar workers-- particularly in Pennsylvania. Unlike Obama, he's more than willing to go for the throat when attacked and to mount some attacks of his own. That's a nice good cop/bad cop mix, I must admit.

Republicans were prepared; McCain immediately shot off a fund-raising letter quoting Biden on Obama's lack of experience. Take that with a grain of salt: he was campaigning against Obama then and also said at that time he'd rather return to his Foreign Affairs chairmanship than be Vice President.

Republicans and 'opinion' makers must be ecstatic about Biden's reputation for inserting his foot in his mouth; expect massive distractions from the issues. Comedians are licking their lips. Obama just hasn't been giving them good material.

The 'field promotion' at the Springfield speech doesn't count, it's his first time to introduce his running mate.

Oh, and Biden has an answer to the "gaffe machine" narrative:


Saipan Writer said...

It's a pretty lame choice. No matter what, though, I think Obama is the candidate to vote for...

KAP said...

I've never been starry-eyed about the man, that's why I was 'disappointed' and not 'outraged'.

I like his ideas about the economy, at least what I can sift through the rhetoric from both sides. Really though, the Supreme Court is a decider for me right now. McCain would be disastrous.

Also, shooting from the hip on foreign policy is attractive in a candidate and dangerous in a President.

My internet's been down for more than a day, so I just received my trifecta: emails from 'Joe Biden', 'Barack Obama' and 'Michelle Obama'!

The McCain site doesn't seem to have an equivalent and I wanted to sign up.

Lil' Hammerhead said...

How could you not have been "starry-eyed" Kap.. he's so dreamy.

I like his ideas.

At the end of the day.. he's obviously thoughtful and intelligent. That does it for me.

Wendy said...

So disappointed too.