Friday, August 8, 2008

Lieutenant Governor watch

Rumor-mongers should have a field day with the KSPN-2 'interview' of Lt. Gov. Timothy Villagomez: Spotlight: Lt. Governor Say's "Not Involved" with Federal Probe. (It looked like he was 'ambushed' as he walked by)

My browser's having trouble with the streaming video, but you might want to give it a try.

Basically, he confirmed that he'd cut short his trip to the Lt. Governors' meeting in New York, but wouldn't say why or who got hold of him there.

My recollection is that he also said he hadn't been interviewed by the FBI. Otherwise, "No comment." "No comment" also from the U.S. Attorney (I forgot his name and KSPN replays don't fit my schedule)


Boni said...

You've been tagged, go to my blog and check it out.

Lil' Hammerhead said...

"No comments" usually mean that there are comments, they just aren't going to make them.