Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bad timing

Sylvester Stallone is set to push Synergy Vodka's "Russian Ice" brand starting September 1.

I can't believe they decided to go ahead with this advertising campaign while Russian troops are still parked in Georgia-- and that "There is a bit of Russian in all of us" slogan has got to go. According to Reuters:

"The advertising campaign concept was based on the fact that the actor has Russian roots," Synergy said in a statement, referring to Stallone's great-grandmother, Rosa Rabinovich, from the Ukrainian town of Odessa.

Umm, the Ukraine is not part of Russia. In fact their President flew into Georgia to express solidarity. They're worried they might be next on the Bear's menu.

The contract's reportedly for a year. Maybe after that Stallone will drag Rambo out of retirement so he can defend Georgia on film.

Editorial cartoons

A picture's worth a thousand words department. Cartoonists tweaking us about Georgia:

Ed Stein

Pat Oliphant

Bill Schorr


Lil' Hammerhead said...

The Bill Schorr cartoon is hilarious.

Our reaction to the invasion of Georgia should have been quick and overwhelming. The message that these new democracies are not open to threats from Russia.. should have been absolutely clear. Instead, they were handed the opposite message.. we're not going to do a thing.

KAP said...

That's the hubris and arrogance of neocons like McCain, Scheueneman and Kristol.

We're out of quarters, as Schorr says. NATO has also expanded too fast and gone international while cutting its strength.

We may be the strongest country these days, but we're not omnipotent.

McCain's temper and intemperance worry me.

Oh. Grenada, Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic...