Sunday, August 9, 2009

As I was saying...

Mmm. There was a shrill in the air-- or on the net-- so I took another internet break. A little bummed about some of the posts I saw on Glen's site too, but it's been cleaned up. In fact, the Viagra spam is a hoot.

Jumping off of the net was a bad move; now I'm forcing myself to catch up somewhat. I don't know why. In the middle of posting a comment on,Evolutionists Flock To Darwin-Shaped Wall Stain my self said "why bother?" Why, indeed?

The dreck goes on. For instance, someone was bound to dig up Michael Jackson's flaming hair Pepsi commercial. What a tribute.

I ran across this looking up yoga drunks. Yes, there are more, if you really need to look. I think you get the point.