Saturday, August 23, 2008

Barack to the future

I'm no gawping groupy, but I signed up with Barack Obama so I could be one of the million or so close friends to hear first about his choice for Vice President *.

I've actually been impressed by his organizational skills; putting together the operation that took out the Clinton machine is quite an accomplishment. You always wonder if a legislator knows how to administer. There's a reason Senators usually don't get elected President.

He certainly knows how to organize on the internets. It looks like I'll be getting an email a day. And why not? As soon as I finish this post I'm going to see about raising McCain.

My first offer was to host a Convention Watch Party. That's certainly grassroots. I looked around, evidently nobody's doing it in this area. Me? I'm just watching the watchers.

Let's see, local groups? Aha, Northern Marianas for Obama is making a difference together. Hmm, the group administrator is some guy in Hong Kong who spent about three years on Saipan. Only one of the 17 members seems to actually live here. (See for yourself, I'm not telling. You may have to register at some point. Don't worry, no purchase necessary.)

* Personally, I think Virginia Sen. Jim Webb fills in all of the blanks on Obama's resume', but what do I know?


yobro said...

if I come to the meeting can I write it off against my taxes, bro?

note: I'm tapped out for the before convention funds. Maybe I can sleep on the beach 'til after the convention?

I REALLY really REALLY am tired of the BOP* BS and would pay quite a lot to shut it down.

*that's BUSHit Old Party, fyi

KAP said...

One of the previous Activities was Barbecue for Barack.

Lil' Hammerhead said...

I like Webb. Even many of the top Republicans have hesitated to challenge him much.. as most of those "top Republicans" in the administration have had little to no military experience.

Hillary Obama would be an easy-win ticket.. but I don't think it's going to happen. It'll probably be Biden. His "foreign policy" experience is touted by the newspeople constantly.. but I don't think this experience translates to the regular Joe. I've seen and heard Biden alot over the last decade.. couldn't tell you a thing about him.

Obama could run with a slice of apple pie as his veep and he'd still win. ;}

KAP said...

IMHO Biden part of problem

yobro said...

well we're having a gut the old cabin 'til the rats don't have a place to sleep party at Elkhorn September 11-14. You'all are invited, bring your own tent.

food and 'bibes. (no soccer).

not sure if I'll risk an Obama sign on the Little North Fork. OTH I could put one up and have a shooting match. bring out the old 7mm magnam boomer.

KAP said...

The beer was handling the broken leg quite nicely until we got on that washboard road. I didn't realize we were 300 miles from civilization.

I remember bats in the belfry. Aren't they the rabies vector?

Reverse psychology: picture on a target; 'Shoot if you back Barack' slogan.

yobro said...

dude, the spooks is readin' the internets. just sayin. mccain spooks.

bush spooks.

they paved the road (something about getting to the Opal Creek Ancient Forest). wtf.

golf course is getting 150 'executive retreats' mayhaps.

well, there is that one section on the ridge where it washed out to one lane, but the log trucks still make it. they oiled the washboard. now you can get gravel stars on the windshield.

are you implying I have rabies?

13 miles off the hiway. beer stretches your gps.

speak softly. sez.