Monday, September 1, 2008

Get well card

The new version of Firefox recommended this as a story I might want to revisit, and, since for some reason I thought of Glen when reading it the first time I'll dedicate it to his recovery.

Briefly, some prosecutorial busybody pulled up behind this offending license plate and immediately reported it to Florida's Motor Vehicle word police.

Okay, I guess, but where does it end? It's an archaic word; I doubt if I've ever heard it said and am mostly sure I haven't used it. A few writers dredge it out for shock value or Henry Miller style points.

There's definitely a snigger involved, but to U.S. Marines that's an acronym for Tactical Wire Assault Team. I'll give them this one, the Republic will not fall.

Askant I look at this lady; her previous association with prosecuting O. J. Simpson suggests she's no stranger to baying with the publicity hounds.

I'm reminded of a cartoon in Paul Krassner's Realist. A television talking head has just said "Frankly, I don't give a ****." Back home, granny, grandpop, mum, dad, the kids-- I think there was a dog-- are all shown gathered around the hearth-tube with balloon thoughts filling in the blank.

Much ado over a small thing, including my writing about it.

On the other hand, I couldn't find the picture until I disabled Google's filter.

Since, during the last power holiday, I just finished re-reading Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates, whose protagonist would be enamored of the word's etymology, I leave you with Tom Robbins: "Peeple of zee wurl, relax!"


yobro said...

a little voice said, "Stir the Pot" and therefore I give you:

The canting Dictionary

(Which I held back, knowing it would be useful someday...)

plate on, pilgrim!

KAP said...

Shame on you. I always get stuck on these toys.