Tuesday, September 2, 2008

CAPTCHA Cops and Robbers

The spammers and nefarious internet marketers are winning another round, and it doesn't even bother me much.

CAPTCHA's-- you know, those pictures of goofy distorted letters that ask the troubling question "are you human?"-- are being farmed out to India and Bangladesh at a rate something like $2 for a 1000 solved. Cheap labor plus computers will always trump computers alone.

I hate all of that unwanted junk, but despise CAPTCHAs equally. Some of the new ones are so unreadable it takes me two or three attempts to solve them. I'd be a failure in India.

Your move, cops.


yobro said...

I keep trying to solve the caffeine test on your site, but have never penetrated.

still on my first pot.


KAP said...

Works for me. Go to...

It's just carpal tunnel mouseclicking. Richard excels without artificial aids.

Lil' Hammerhead said...

Is that an s or an 8?