Friday, September 19, 2008

Don't bore me with facts

I've been mildly supportive of the proposed Marine Monument surrounding the northern Northern Mariana Islands; thinking it was more appropriate for people like David Sablan, Ike Cabrera, Agnes McPhetres and Karl Reyes to comment. I don't want opponents like Gourley and Joyner to muddy the waters by twisting it into 'outsiders telling us what to do'. After all, I've only been here for 25 years.

Still, I was surprised when I was polled about my opinion. It was obviously a survey of attitudes toward the monument-- and toward the military's presence in the Marianas-- but in no way was it a "sales job thinly disguised as a “phone survey” with Saipan residents as the target." I don't know whether Stanley Torres actually participated in the telephone survey, but I totally disagree with his assertion that "By using leading questions, ambiguous questions, and questions skillfully designed to hype their proposal they want to infiltrate every home on Saipan and try to sell their fairytale version of what this Bush Monument will mean to the children of the Marianas."

His letter sounds like a pre-emptive strike to discount the results if they don't favor his side. Not satisfied, he quickly slips into active paranoia: "There are favors being traded at very high levels and huge sums are at stake in this takeover bid." Whew, take a deep breath. Who is going to gain huge sums from a marine monument?

For myself, the questions clarified how important the issue is to me: not a deal-breaker, but certainly something I'll consider when I vote. Then again, I guess he was talking about me when he earlier wrote that "It’s not their ‘public land’ that would be given away should this [marine monument] be enforced by [President] Bush." Oh, wait, the 'public land' is the islands that are already protected by the CNMI Constitution. I guess the monument would be in the surrounding waters so that nasty federal government will be grabbing control... from themselves.

"How dumb do they think we are?" he asks. Let me rephrase that: how dumb do you think we are?

No worry, Representative Torres, I supported you for years because you were opposed, albeit ineffectively, to a lot of the CNMI government's mis-steps. That stopped a couple of years ago because of your increasingly vitriolic personal attacks on people you disagree with. I take it very personally that you are continually setting up 'statesiders' and 'mainlanders' as bogeymen.


Saipan Writer said...

I've been here almost as long as you--nearly 24 years.

And my opinion of Stanley seems to track yours fairly closely, too.

Even though I completely support the proposal for a Marianas Trench Monument, I don't mind when people argue against it or raise questions.

But I hate lies. And Stanley's letter is filled with them. Same with Herman Tudela's from earlier in the week.

Could be they're desperate and so feel justified in stooping to lying. Could be they're just misinformed (but I don't think that's the case with Stanley).

Still, it makes rational dialogue about an important issue difficult.

Lil' Hammerhead said...

You let that old b$st#rd off easy Ken :}

These guys aren't "misinformed".. that's being too easy on them as well.

They know that the islands aren't part of the plan, and are already conserved locally. They also know that the rights to the waters fall with the US.

The worst of it is.. I can't think of one, with the exception of Mr. Olopai, who gives a sh#t less about the environment. Oscar Rasa? Are you kidding me? Ray Mafnas?

These people are a monument to the immense stupidity that exists. If I had a peice of property and enough money.. seriously, I would build a monument to their stupidity. It would be a big ass with the faces of each of them carved pimple-like upon it. It would be there for their children and their children's children.. a warning against base stupidity. I'd serve free hotdogs and cola after school for 20 years, so that a couple of generations of kids would flock to see it. A deterent to similar future stupidity.. I mean who wants to be a pimple on an ass. That'll steer the kids. :}

Alright.. I may have digressed a bit.