Monday, February 5, 2007

Read the Covenant, please

I've seen more nonsense spouted concerning the Covenant lately than I can handle, from all points of view.

Please spread the word: The document is available online at the Law Revision Commission website. Marianas Printing used to have booklets, but that was years ago, so I'm not sure any more.

There's a lot of other neat information there, but for public laws, I've found the
CNMI Legislature site loads faster.

To load this stuff, you'll need the
Free Acrobat Reader or something else that reads Adobe files.

A Word to the Wise. This program always tries to be one of my startup programs, and tries again every time I update it. I heartily recommend that you download Winpatrol first to stop this. If you try to open a PDF file, Acrobat will still open, and meanwhile it hasn't wasted any of your resources. 'Scotty' is the best dog I ever owned.

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