Thursday, February 1, 2007

Elect AG and CUC

House passes elected-AG measure, according to the Saipan Tribune. What a great idea. I hope it makes it to the ballot and gets enough support. I know, I know, some will claim it makes the AG 'too political', unlike the system we have now.

Next, I hope they act to elect the CUC board. Wouldn't that be fun? Talk about accountability.

Poor CUC was in the news again: Mathis' car stolen, including copper wire inside. My headline would have been Copper theft evidence is stolen. Oh well, but mine could have gotten the wires to pick it up for one of their 'weird and odd' stories.

BTW, how does a car get stolen in front of Java Joe's at lunchtime? That's not Bird Island or the Grotto. Was the door unlocked? Key in the ignition? Question answered on MCV, or ESPN: Ms. Mathis left the aircon (ergo the car) running while she popped in.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they were crouched in the back seat hiding.

KAP said...

Ewww. Minus two points.

KAP said...

I do think the AG should be more than three years old. Sorry, Tribune, it's a funny typo.