Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fill in the blanks

Let's have a little fun with names: "The (edited) has "a culture replete with a lack of accountability" and at least a half-dozen major management problems that have festered for years, federal officials testified Friday.

Those officials were Inspector General Earl Devaney and Robin Nazzaro, natural resources and environment director at the Government Accountability Office at an oversight hearing of the House Natural Resources Committee.
Throughout the (edited), the appearance of preferential treatment in awarding contracts and procurements has come to our attention far too frequently, and the failure of (edited) officials to remain at arm's length from prohibited sources is pervasive," Devaney said.

The article I'm quoting says that "Devaney's office still has 10 of its employees dedicated to the investigation of jailed lobbyist Jack Abramoff." If he pops up, can Rep. George Miller be far behind?
"Something's very, very wrong in this (edited)," he said.

Some more from Nazarro and we'll know the answer, unless you've skipped ahead.
She noted that GAO officials testified at a similar broad oversight hearing in 1993 that (edited) faced serious challenges. "Unfortunately, almost 15 years later, my testimony today is very similar... And (edited) lacks adequate controls over management of grants and contracts, so it cannot ensure that millions of dollars were used appropriately, she said.

So who are we talking about? The CNMI or some other island government? Nope, as you probably guessed by now, it's the Department of Interior.

So were they asleep at the wheel or more actively involved in our current mess? Stay tuned. The quotes came from
House panel hears of management mess (The Casper Star-Tribune).

Interior urged to do more in assisting insular areas (Marianas Variety) also gives good coverage, but the Star-Tribune is more rambunctious.

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