Monday, February 26, 2007

Decena redux

Here's what I don't understand.

As far as I can determine, Ms. Sedy Demesa first popped up locally in the
Saipan Tribune as President of Willis Management, Inc. Reporter Aldwin Fajardo (soon-to-be Editor of the Pacific Times), quoted Demesa as saying "NMC and Willis Management have joined forces to “recruit, educate, graduate and assimilate” individuals into the nursing profession". Remember the "Global Education Strategic Initiatives"?

You might also be interested in this story (I couldn't reach into their archives):
CNMI: Health Care Firm Willing To Provide Scholarships
By Ulysses Torres Sabuco Variety News Staff
(Marianas Variety, 2/21/2005)

A California-based health care industry executive says her company is willing to provide scholarships for qualified local students. Sedy Demesa, the vice chairwoman of Willis Management Group Inc., is also proposing a partnership with Northern Marianas College through a “Global Education Strategic Initiatives Nursing Program.” Willis Management wants to recruit students from Asia for NMC’s nursing department. Gov. Juan N. Babauta said NMC should “take advantage” of this proposal from Willis Management which, he added, is in line with his administration’s plan to make the CNMI an “education hub” through the Pacific Gateway Project. “NMC should get moving because there are a lot of opportunities knocking at their door. They have to take that opportunity,” Babauta told Variety. Demesa said under their proposed partnership with NMC, one scholarship for a local student will be made available for every 10 international students enrolled in the Global Education Strategic Initiatives Nursing Program. Demesa said they can start the “accelerated” nursing program in the fall semester this year. She said they are also in the process of finalizing the criteria for their proposed local scholarship program. NMC President Deleon Guerrero was unavailable for comment when reached by Variety last week. Press Secretary Pete A. Callaghan said the proposed Global Education Strategic Initiatives Nursing Program is an “indirect result” of the Los Angeles business conference that the Department of the Interior hosted for the insular areas. Over 50 Filipino doctors who want to work as nurses in the U.S. have already expressed a strong interest in signing up for the accelerated nursing program this fall, Demesa said. “We have shifted our marketing efforts to a higher gear in order to spread the word around Asia, particularly China, Korea and the Philippines, that American education is now only about three hours away,” she said, citing the “very strong demand” for licensed nurses in the U.S. and Europe. Financial assistance will also be made available to local students wanting to pursue a career in nursing under Willis Management’s proposed program, Demesa said.

Decena then pops up in the road show (pdf) "Department of the Interior’s first Business Opportunities Mission to Palau, Guam, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands" from May 12-20 1995. Within a week, we had Volume 01, Issue 01 of the Pacific Times. The Top Story, "Commerce Chief: The best is yet to come" featured this New Outlook: "Taken in the light of the Secretary's words, any entity or individual that is quick to weave negative spins against Governor Juan Babauta ought to first go back to his primary school Arithmetic that he may, at least, be fair with his judgments." Note that these are the reporter's words.

Now if her Pleasant Care Corporation is the $224 million behemoth it's advertised to be, why would she start up a newspaper in California to mix into CNMI politics? Hmm, also in Issue 01: GOP reveals 2005 candidates.

Ooh, this just in: I had only begun googling
Pleasant Care. During a break from that arduous duty, I found one answer on Middle Road. Well, you know, people die in any nursing home. They're old.

Ah, well, I'm getting there too, time for bed and this was just getting interesting.


betelnut chewer said...

Demesa got to know the CNMI via locals who invited her to invest here. I hope this local partners are not a cut of the old tree, meaning they were thinking of positive improvement instead of pure financial gain.

KAP said...

That's what bothers me. If you take her various proposals at face value they're exactly the small to medium scale businesses that have a chance to thrive here.

So why the overkill with blatant self-promotion via a scandal sheet and why suck up to whichever administration is in power?

Anonymous said...

So why the overkill with blatant self-promotion via a scandal sheet and why suck up to whichever administration is in power?

She is used to third world politics; timid/gullible voters who gives a standing ovation for every ass wiggling act of their half baked elected politicians.

Anonymous said...

The proposed nursing school by Demesa is not recognized by any educational body so the credis received are worthless. The CNA program in the states takes 6 weeks and credits are recognized for further degrees such as LPN, RN, etc by other colleges and universities. Her course seems to take allot longer, could that be to just collect payments? And leads nowhere.

It is advised that Pleasant Care and all their fines for serious deficiencies in patient care be reviewed.

Is this the kind of person the CNMI wants to do business here?

Anonymous said...

I am always annoyed when I see that Sede Demesa is getting any type of publicity. Here is a women that runs to Saipan as her company Pleasant Care files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection. Pleasant Care and Sede Demesa has left vendors and employees with millions of dollars in debt, scores of law suites for patient care issues, has the Federal Government and State Government in every one of her facilities everyday.

Now she hides in Saipan, not wanting to deal with her company and the vendors. Pleasant Care Chapter 11 bankruptcy (Case No. 0712312EC)has affected the patients care and the financial considerations of vendors and employees of the company.

I am so surprised that this women can have so much positive press and yet run peoples lives. But I feel it is time that the true story be told about how she runs her companies. Enough is enough.


Response to the Comment of Mr/Ms Anonymous on Ms. Sedy Demesa.

You were annoyed to read about Ms. Sedy Demesa and maybe more annoyed to read especially now that her Emmanuel College of Nursing had already been opened with 25 students - note: LOCAL STUDENTS. Take note also that she had accepted two (2) LOCAL SCHOLARS, those who registered in her college with FREE tuition fee, as Ms. Demesa promised. She only had 23 plus the two scholars. So if you are annoyed to find out her accomplishments, well, that's too bad. You should in fact, be following her footsteps and try to accomplish something rather than criticizing her. I think her heart belongs to the CNMI so that even if she does not reside there, she keeps coming back and leaves her heart with the CNMI when she goes back to California. Her company filed bankruptcy? So? What about Delta airlines and other companies perhaps bigger than her company that also filed bankruptcy? And why blame her only for what happened with her company? Is she the only employee there? What happened to a company is a combination of so many things and she should not be the only one made responsible for that, let alone be criticized for it. And if you criticize her on the basis of that, look who's talking? Have you accomplished anything lately? Right now, I think Ms. Demesa has done something for the CNMI and she deserves to be admired and supported for that. Instead of criticizing, take up nursing. That's the least you can do for yourself.

Rosetta Fairfield said...

To the ire and perhaps envy of a lot of people who posted their skepticism of Ms. Demesa's good intentions for the CNMI, she had been in the newspapers again when her Emmanuel College was finally opened with 25 local students. Those who were skeptical of Ms. Demesa, eat your words. I do not know her personally nor met her in person but I believe in her good intentions when she fulfilled her promise by having 1 scholar for every 10 students in her college. In fact, a relative of mine is one of them. So if there is anything that can describe Ms. Demesa, I think she is a very persistent person, a loyal supporter of the CNMI and despite the hardship she encountered in fulfilling her dream to establish a college in the CNMI, she made her promise a reality with US the locals as beneficiaries. So to those who misjudged her, eat your words.

balance said...

This is an update on Ms. Demesa who owns Emmanuel College where 22 nursing students graduated and I am one of them. She fulfilled her promise and she even did more. When the local scholarship program ran out of money for the students she did not drop them from the list for non-payment. She made them gradyuate with a promissory note. I am an avid supporter and loyal fan of Ms. Demesa. She is an ANGEL whose intentions are good and I am a beneficiary of her good heart. Those who criticize her? SHUT UP and yes, EAT YOUR WORDS!!

CNMIVisitor said...

I have dealt with Sede in the past - met her personally - seen her vision - I like her - she's vibrant and makes positive contributions to meetings, based on her record described here she tried to follow through (did) on what she said she would do and now its up to the CNMI to follow through and support her programs and others trying to make a positive impact. If something fails or goes BK - that happens - but if people don't support positive initiatives and people it happens more frequently and that is the greater loss to everyone.