Sunday, February 25, 2007

Mean sheets

Okay, so I like to make fun of the Pacific Times. After all, nobody really takes that dreck seriously, do they? Hmm, maybe I'm wrong.

I was meandering through
The Saipan Blog and noticed the uproar caused by Libra Mae Sparks' monorant and decided to pay more attention. So I asked my wife to grab a copy when she went by Winchell's. They didn't have it and told her to check the next day, when they said the same thing. Now I'm wondering if it's actually widely distributed. Maybe because it's so hugely popular, and free, copies just fly off of the shelves as the CNMI spreads economic wings (Pacific Times)*.

That's the Top Story this week, in case you weren't able to pick up a precious copy. Strangely, the article says absolutely nothing, but says it pretty well if you've got the proper attitude. Well, actually it does say that Praxedes Sedy Demesa is working to have the Board of Regents approve Emmanuel College in the CNMI. That's not really news, though; that story is in every edition of the Pacific Times. Okay, then, "Another California-based investor, the Loyola Medical College Foundation, Inc., has decided to revisit its previous plan to establish a medical/nursing school in the Northern Marianas." Strangely, I thought the Foundation was based in the Philippines, and I vaguely remember their plan involving government funds, not investment.

Emmanuel College is obviously the burning issue here, because there's another story saying Over 30 students on waiting list for new nursing program(Pacific Times)*. It's advertised as a sister school of Xavier College in Stockton, California, which just
graduated its first class. It looks like we'll have to wait a few months to see how it did on the exams.

But the Times can't wait, and neither can we darn it: Higher ed body proposed(Saipan Times)*. According to the Times "This is in line with the Fitial Administration's plan to centralize government operation as a way to eradicate bureaucratic processes for businesses and investments." OK, I can see that adding a new office would do that.

But hey, we can't blame Demesa for touting
one of her companies, can we? Actually Aidem, the publisher of the Times, is a clever joke: media backwards.

Ah well, let's save the rest for another blog. I've got to reheat a potroast and do some real work.

*I've given up on linking to their stories individually; it's a lost cause. For future reference, the stories are in Vol 02 Issue 40 Feb 2007


dj guy said...

a joke it publishing...willie's management group???hmmm...

Ruth Camacho said...

Just got wind of these comments about Libra Mae Sparks of the Pacific Times. You know what? Libra Mae Sparks is the best thing that happened in the CNMI journalism. She does not claim to be a journalist, nor does she claim to be the best of writers. She just says things as she sees them and as what most of us, readers perceive. Actually, she's the most honest writer I've ever read. She says things as they are and although she can be very annoying sometimes, she's fun to read and brings up issues that make us, the readers think. She can be right in most of the things she says. So what's your problem about her? Also, come on, let's face it, has anyone given us anything for free? You should be happy that your wife got something to read for free! That's something we should be thankful for: get something for free for a change. Thank Ptimes for continuing on with their mission of giving us news and entertainment, for free. Who do you think can beat that? A joke? No siree. It's for real....Free is real! I'm Libra Mae Sparks' fan and an avid reader of Ptimes. By the way, if you cannot find a copy, go to Again, it's free.