Saturday, February 24, 2007

Posturepolitic dreams

Movers and shakers in the Capitol probably scan the headlines in the Washington Post and that Moonie newspaper, maybe a hometown paper or two. It's not likely they devote the same attention to the Marianas Variety and the Saipan Tribune, so I wish our movers and shakers would worry less about Messages to Washington.

I noticed two today, so they're just examples; I don't mean to cut anyone out of the herd.

Senate president urges feds to see CNMI with fresh eyes (Saipan Tribune) is pretty obvious. So two of the guys who actually do follow the Commonwealth are going to be convinced by your plea instead of the testimony they've heard and their upcoming meetings? And he's not even up for election this time.

The Governor was much more subtle; he just couldn't resist slipping "I hope that the federal government is looking at the sacrifices that our boys are committing to fight for freedom and democracy" into the reception ceremony for Corporal Lee Roy A. Camacho. I'll check again, but I don't remember the Vice-President mentioning it when he was on Guam.

PS: I'd agree with the Senate President on one thing at least if he'd let me add one little word: "...the CNMI's economic problems do not (only) stem from labor and immigration policies.

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