Friday, February 16, 2007

Don't look behind the curtain

Thanx to the Marianas Variety for my laugh of the day.

Evidently the governor's Press Secretary responded to a question about the FBI coming here to follow the trail of Jack Abramoff by saying "Why not investigate how they can help Gov. Benigno R. Fitial save this small and fragile economy for the 70,000 people that live here?"

So we change the name to Federal Bureau of Invigoration?

I get the impression he thinks the 'federal government' is a person who can't walk and chew gum at the same time.

An arm of the Justice Department is investigating, well, something. They haven't told me, but the newspaper says it's Abramoff.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Congress is revisiting labor and immigration provisions of the Covenant between the CNMI and the U.S. The tree is the same, but different branches are addressing different issues.

Note: When saying Abramoff is not important, past history and nobody cares, try not to mention his name a half-dozen times. You don't want to draw too much attention to such a nonissue.

What do I know, but a simple 'we see nothing wrong with Mr. Abramoff's efforts on behalf of the CNMI and will cooperate with any investigation' would seem to dispose of the matter. Then again, if he hadn't mounted the soapbox I'd probably still be in a bad mood.


Anonymous said...

sounds like saddam's information minister during the american invasion;"what americans?they are committing suicide in the walls of Baghdad as we speak!"

KAP said...

And it wasn't even news anymore, until he gave the story legs by curling up in the CNMI flag. Bingo, front page. With any luck someone will react to it and keep the visit on the front page.

Anonymous said...


Ask Jazz what the statute of limitations is I am curious about that. Much of the shady biz between Ambromoff and the CNMI politicanss was eight years, or more, ago. Isn't there a statute of limitations on that stuff?

KAP said...

Next time I see him. In the thread that got disappeared from Ed's blog, RICO came up. No statute of limitations there, to my knowledge.

katma said...

Can't you guys ever say anything positive?

KAP said...

Hmm. I see what you're saying, but that's not what I'm trying to do.

Let me explain (here it comes) in another blog.

I'd take up a lot of room trying to post it here.

KAP said...

Oh, anon, said I'd be back anon with an answer. I guess you go back four to six years on most federal crimes, but there are tricks like using the last act or getting somebody to lie (right Scooter?)

Anonymous said...

I sure hope nobody ends up chaining himself to a statue of Chief Aghurub.

Is that better?