Saturday, February 10, 2007

Another side to the Immigration hearing

My brother just emailed a link to this diary from the Daily Kos to me. Some of you may have linked to dengre before from The Saipan Blogger.

This is the take a lot of Democrats (Democratics?) will be getting, and guess who's running the show in the U.S. Congress? I don't think this is going to be pretty.

What the heck, since this is a short post, how about a link to
A report from the districts of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands to the U.S. Attorney's Office on security and immigration.. It's a nailbiter.

The last link was broken for awhile. Sorry.


dengre said...

Here is your missing link:

This report was suppressed by Abramoff and his pals for years. It was drafted in 2002 and came to light last summer.

Jack talked about the report back in an October 2001 letter to the CNMI Government:

The other immediate (next two weeks) challenge is the Justice Department. Last week the bad guys who still work there (the ones who got that bad letter on Murkowski issued) started a drum beat that the CNMI had to be taken over, because it was a loophole in the federal immigration network, and that, as such, was a threat on terrorism. They have been spending a week or so telling everyone who will listen that the CNMI, if it is not taken over, will be a major entry point for terrorists. This, of course, is patently ridiculous, actually just the opposite, and we have been working to counter this, but they are not backing down. We had the COS of the Justice Department in our box at today’s Redskins game and it seems that there might be a classified document floating in the department which deals with this matter. Making it classified, if that is indeed the case, was a good idea by our opponents, since that means we cannot get it. Hopefully Babauta has some connections there and can get a copy (perhaps at least on a redacted version), which he can pass on to you to draft a response. If this is at a stage where it is gaining momentum, he will need to leak into the press that they are considering this and how it is exactly the opposite of what should be happening. This is a real potential threat. It will require some major action from the Hill and a press attack to get this back in the bottle. He should just follow the example we have used in the past, where we get the press out front carefully and push the Administration back.

I am supposed to see the Attorney General next week (the Thursday after Simchas Torah) and Kevin was slated to play basketball with him before then. We will both mention this to him. The AG will be fine, but the underlings are a worrisome matter. I am not sure what to suggest on this one, other than well pass on what we get from the COS, and you guys should do your best to hook up with as many of the Asst AGs as possible and the political folks there. There are, I believe, some former travelers (folks who visited the CNMI during Froilans time) among them. Well hope that the higher ups will take some time to squash this on their own. If not, it could get to be a fire fight.

You can read more at this old Diary, just in case you're interested in how we got here...


KAP said...

Thanx. I swear the link was correct and working when I put it up. I always check. Almost.