Thursday, February 8, 2007

He's Baack

Our friend Alan Stayman, another U.S. Senate staffer and an attorney from Homeland Security are coming to Saipan February 27, according to the Marianas Variety. I sure hope their minds aren't made up about immigration when they meet with Governor Fitial.

The gift that keeps on giving That sucking sound you hear from the direction of Guam is another indictee being drawn into the whirlpool surrounding Jack Abramoff. Hasn't happened in the CNMI. The bolded 'Jack Abramoff' used to be a link to a Marianas Variety story about the court payoff. Sorry, the story just... disappeared. I'd link to the PDN, but they charge for access after a week. Gannett newspapers always make money

Business Opportunity Some good news:
EMO will identify new evacuation areas for tsunami warnings. Just throw some coolers in the back of a truck and I'm in business.

Eyes wide shut How about that
Jed Horey letter in the Marianas Variety and Saipan Tribune? The Covenant is very clear about what the Commonwealth was getting into. To me, he's throwing a red herring.

Into the sunset I've seen several letters in the press mourning Ben Concepcion and I'd like to add my two cents. His death is indeed a loss to the community, the marine tourism industry and his family.

Caught in the headlines I thought there were disability laws against this:
Pensions of deficient retirees being examined. Also a quibble: to my tin ear 'Our Commonwealth submits petition to Congress' sounds better than Our Commonwealth petition submitted to Congress. The verb is active and it's easier to understand who is doing what.

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