Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quote of the Week

And the winner is... disqualified.

Some outrageous quotes, like “we had to destroy the village to save it”, are so timeless, so absurd, so wrong that they define the genre. In that spirit, I give you the genesis and namesake of Saipan's CPR Quote of the Week:

“This administration has not added to the deficit,” said Charles Reyes, the governor's spokesman. We have come in and tried to curtail it.” (Saipan Tribune)

No worries, Business Editor Stefan Sebastian was having a good day. In an accompanying article on agencies that missed the deadline for the government-wide audit, we get this tidbit:

Bound for glory

“However, Mark Aguon, administrator of NMIRF, said his office did submit the information required well ahead of the deadline. OPA officials, however, did not accept it because the statement was not properly bound.” (Saipan Tribune)

That would be a sure front-runner, except it isn't a direct quote. Besides, I'm pretty sure Aguon added a few choice words, and some of them may have been printable.

But the week is young, and nominations are still open.

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Ferdie fan said...

But Muna said that, “what seems to be missing here is fairness to those who participated in the previous bidding process.”