Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Labor deficiencies

Score one for CNMI Labor. They've announced that notices of application deficiencies or denials will be posted on their website.

That's great news for the contract workers who have been victimized by employers who say 'don't worry, start working; your papers are being processed'. That's been a big problem since the beginning of the Commonwealth program.

I still think the site, by itself, is a bad idea because jobless locals and aliens are among those least likely to check the Labor bulletin board every day or to have internet access.

Which brings me to a more ominous note in the public notice: "an austerity budget that requires it to use the most efficient legally permissible means possible to deliver notices." That sounds like visit us or our website to me.

But you can get it by email too, now, with the lawyerly cavil that you're still responsible for checking the website or bulletin boards.

What the heck, in the spirit of these Austerity Times and to see how I'd do on a typing test these days, the complete notice will be in the comments section. (It's easier to read if you click on the headline instead of the 'comments' below)

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KAP said...

On August 1,2008, the Labor Division will begin publishing on the Labor Department's website,, notices with respect to deficiencies in and denials of applications. The Labor Division will also post these notices on the bulletin boards at its offices in the Afetna Square building in San Antonio.

The Department is taking this step, in part, because of difficulties in the past when foreign national workers did not know that an employer's application involving employment for them had been deficient or denied. This way, everyone involved will have access to the notice. In addition, the Department is operating under an austerity budget that requires it to use the most efficient legally permissible means possible to deliver notices.

All applicants are responsible for checking the website or the bulletin boards for actions taken on any pending application. Applicants will have 15 days from the date of posting to cure deficiencies or to appeal denials.

If an applicant provides an e-mail address at the time of application, the Department's automated processing system will automatically send an e-mail with respect to any deficiency or denial. The e-mail notice is a courtesy provided by the Department. Absence of an e-mail notice will not excuse any failure to cure a deficiency or to appeal a denial.