Thursday, July 31, 2008

Baby factories

There's an interesting piece on "pregnancy packages" at Unheard No More!.

Apparently package tours to have a U.S. citizen on Saipan are old news in Korea and the coming thing in China. I missed that one.

Hmm, thats interesting "development" but I don't think the Commonwealth Health Center can handle any more customers.

I went to the New American Media website but there's no additional information. The World Journal link there doesn't help much since the article was in Chinese. I couldn't find it in their English version. (Not a waste, since I got a new headline for my collection: "Residents urged to keep Flushing clean")

I'm pretty blase' about nonresidents having babies if they're here legitimately. It's legal, and who's to blame them?

"Sex result tours" are another matter. That's a potential problem if the numbers are large and it would be hard to catch people if they're good at covering their tracks.


Boni said...

I'd prefer we be marketed as a great place to make them babies! Ah, on a serious note, I'm sure that the scheme will get much more intense as the new immigration laws take effect. No need to state the implications on health and education, etc.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Would that fall under the classification of human trafficing?

Bring 'em in as fetuses and take them out as little immediate relative machines. Sounds like using them for a profit to me.

Lil' Hammerhead said...

Nothing wrong with doing what you have to in order to give your child their best advantage in life. I don't fault the parents at all for that.

Some folks show more concern about who's having babies here, than they do about working people and their livelihoods.

The reality is.. most of these kids aren't going to set up permanent shop here. Very few of the Filipino, or Korean children that were born here in the 70s and 80s are still here. They've gone on to the mainland in their search for bigger and better things.

KAP said...

Nothing wrong if they're here legitimately; that's just working the system. Also, it's pretty dense to recruit people in their prime childbearing years and act surprised when they jump each others' bones.

I have a problem with just dropping in for that purpose only. Maybe an excise tax on fetuses would defray some costs?