Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Steinbrenner's foul remark

Another stupid Steinbrenner. Shadows are getting shorter, basketball is finishing up and I'm ready for summer.

I don't have George III (nod to Red Smith) to ridicule anymore, but it looks like son Hank will fill in very well.

"The National League needs to join the 21st century," he says, lobbying for the Designated Hitter because pitcher Chien-Ming Wang got injured running the bases. You know, playing baseball.

Let's see, his 21st Century innovation came in with leisure suits and Nehru jackets. Put pinstripes on either and throw them on the Yankees. Then we'll talk about the Designated Hitter in the National League.

Baseball players should be able to play baseball. If your pitcher can't hit, tough. Remember the big fuss about Roger Clemens going to the National League where he might actually have to stand at the plate after beaning an opposing player?

Marketing people can worry about where to put over-the-hill sluggers and clueless pitchers. Look into aluminum bats, try red-white-and-blue balls like the American Basketball Association. Me? I want to watch the game.


Jeff said...

He's right. Pitchers hitting is like dogs walking on their hind legs.

KAP said...

Tell it to Babe Ruth.

Jeff said...

Is he still around?

cactus said...

Steinbrenner is using a classic method for pushing a bad idea, a bad product, etc.: Call it the new, modern way.