Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chicken without sexual life

That name didn't make it, so you'll have to order
steamed pullet
at the Beijing Olympics.

China is pulling out all of the stops, and that includes an official English translation of restaurant items. With some resistance. According to Reuters:
I don't like this new naming method, it's abandoning Chinese tradition," one Internet comment declared. "There are many stories in the names of these dishes."
I can understand the concern. Who wouldn't want to know the tale behind "husband and wife's lung slice" and "Bean curd made by a pock-marked woman"?

I went to the tourism bureau website to see if there were more gems, but my Chinese is a little rusty. The link for 'English' helpfully redirected me to the Beijing Tourism Administration. Good stuff, but not what I was looking for.

I've heard about 'undesirables' being relocated temporarily, about polluting businesses being suspended. Now they're taking steps against doping: a good thing since that's another market in which China has forged ahead. Reuters again:
Wu (Zhen, deputy commissioner of the State Food and Drug Administration) said investigations, both open and covert, carried out over the last year had discovered 151 enterprises producing or distributing anabolic steroids, Erythropotein (EPO) or human growth hormone (HGH).

They had been punished, Wu said, some having their licenses to trade stopped.
Strong action indeed, and they're hiring 40,000 smoking inspectors to prowl public places. Here's the out-of-context scoop from Sun Xianli of the Patriotic Health Campaign Committee: "The idea is that the inspectors should provide a good example by not smoking in their own venue."

"Inspectors don't have the authority to issue fines, but can report venues where smoking is allowed," he added.

The toilet signs are a great idea, especially in some of Saipan's karaoke bars. I want the job since I thought of it first.


Lil' Hammerhead said...

I always thought the poor sign translations gave the place additional character. I was bit saddened to here about the push to clean up the signs.

bigsoxfan said...

Ken, do us all a huge favor and grab menu from the Canton resteraunt next to Johnies, scan, and post it. I still laugh at the descriptions. Honestly though, I enjoy puzzling over the descriptions and shoot craps on my menu choices when I visit China. So far, I'm two for three. My miss was mistaking exceptionaly chewy chicken feet for sweet savory shrimp. Picture menus are great, but the hand drawn horse I saw in Japan was only equaled by the sign of the dog resteraunt in Erlane, China. Lets not talk about the drawing of the whale. Sweet, but chewy. Sorry PETA.

Anonymous said...

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