Friday, June 6, 2008

Power ratings

I blame it all on the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation.

Random power outages have made my modem as temperamental as Greg Cruz. When there's power, and when I can finagle an internet connection, I burn my time on updates and on picking up after my kids' internet adventures. Read a few stories and woops, where's the time go?

The mood thing tops it off. What I'm thinking does not translate well. Share my thoughts? I think not. Wouldn't be prudent.

Field of dreams

On the bright side, reliable power and a $186,000 salary makes the new Washington Delegate sinecure look awfully nice. But no, in that crowded field I'd have less chance --and certainly fewer contributions-- than Lynn Knight. Maybe if I announced my Chief of Staff ahead of time; a running mate with a large family.

Just a candlelight dream. The candidates seem to fall into two groups, and it's hard to see myself as either qualified or deluded.

I'm sure Pete Tenorio or Greg Sablan would do a good job. John Gonzales, maybe, I don't know him. But what's up with that Director of Mining stuff? Too many employees to supervise? Too much work? Not enough salary?

Jeez, don't expect a shopping list, there are too many names. A primary and runoff would be the way to go, except that there's no money for one election, nevermind two.

Survivor Saipan

I'm more intrigued by the second group anyway. To an outside observer it's obvious that some of these people simply have no chance, even in a split election. Who are they talking to? Is it just about putting 'ran for' on their resume?

Unless, of course, they're counting on the 'survivor' vote. Who do you most want to vote off of the island? If that's what's going on I've got a few suggestions.


Saipan Writer said...

LOL! Love the survivor vote comment. I divide up the candidates the same as you.

Noticed in today's newspaper that Vic Torres has already withdrawn.

Lil' Hammerhead said...

You'd trounce Lynn Knight Ken.. Barney would trounce Lynn Knight. Not that he'd enter the race. Probably makes alot more than $186,000.

KAP said...

I noticed that Torres had 'talked to some people'. A wise decision.

There are enough dinosaurs on Saipan.