Thursday, June 26, 2008

Focus on the family man

James Dobson just doesn't like to be left out. He's come out with an attack on Barack Obama. (You can find his scree and part of the two-year-old Obama speech he hates on the NPR website. I tried to visit Focus on the Family but the server was down. The Lord works in mysterious ways.)

Dobson has reportedly said he wouldn't vote for John McCain either; apparently he's 'not conservative enough.' Geez, what's he got to do to burnish his back to the Bush credentials? Advocate stoning? They say McCain has offered to meet with Dobson, who's holding out for an audience at his palace.

My impression is that Obama is encouraging Christians to participate in politics, just take it easy on the Old Testament savagery like genocide, slavery and murder. After all, we don't want to be like Malaysia and Indonesia-- check that, they're our friends. Okay, like Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. Wait, I've got it. We don't want to be a theocracy like Iran.

I really don't know what to make of it, except that maybe he's having second thoughts. The anti-abortionist in hand is worth two in the Bush. And maybe McCain will join the fray, or even come calling.


Saipan Writer said...

Who's having second thoughts?

KAP said...

Good point. I was finishing this up to beat my somewhat-scheduled CUC outage.

I meant Dodson. Join the fold and all is forgiven John. I suspect McCain will bite.

Saipan Writer said...

I'm not sure why McCain wouldn't be in Dobson's camp. He's not a maverick, he's a conservative Republican.

Surprisingly (given my over the edge liberal bent), I've always liked James Dobson's program Focus on the Family. I didn't always agree with everything he said, but I think he helped people in a way deal with family issues.

It's the intolerance of the conservative Christians (and fundamentalists everywhere) that bothers me.

Interestingly, though, there are signs in America that the traditional conservative Christian coalition is having less influence than in the recent past.

There's some critical thinking going on.

Saipan Writer said...

I forgot to mention the other point you make.

How arrogant is James Dobson that he refuses to meet with a candidate for U.S. President! Denver isn't a good location. John McCain must come to the Focus on the Family campus!

I'm guessing you're right, that McCain will go calling, but I'd really like to see him not.

(And I guess I have't listened in on a FOTF program for a while. I don't remember much politics about individual candidates on it, certainly not attacks on individuals running for office. Guess I'll have to listen up more.)

Lil' Hammerhead said...

Dobsons such a nitwit. The one thing that was a plus when KSAI went off the air.. no more "focus on the family" with Dobson. These are our very own religious fanatics.. they'll take as much rope as we allow them to have. Let's make sure their leash is as short as possible.

KAP said...

Dobson is usually careful to keep politics out of Focus on the Family, though kid-beating and gay-bashing are ok. No names. That's not to say he's not involved, he just does it with a different arm of his empire.

He let everyone know this foray into name calling was funded separately.

I used to listen to parts of the show before his positions calcified, but that's no endorsement, more a comment on how bad our other radio programming is.