Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Spam song

OK, so posting my email address isn't very bright. But marking the lotteries and West African money scams just takes a second--less time than the email notifications I've asked for. Occasionally you get a gem.

No gem, but if SabaluMarket! has to spam me, what the heck? How can I turn down anybody with the slogan "Buy and sell Micronesia"? Besides, the Saipan garage sale is a bit out-of-control.

It made my day with the University of Loyola at CNMI ad. No slogan, but I think it's going to be something like "Get a third-world medical degree on U.S. soil". And that's a fine picture of the Call Center nee Nauru Building on the website.

Give them a chance you say? Sure, since the Governor wants the CNMI to become the Pacific's educational center. (Maybe they'll buy the Fiesta Mall instead of building a campus) I'll just give the director/cashier a call. Where else could you get a six-month test-taking course for only $14,000?

Please note, I didn't even use this opportunity to take a shot at Emmanuel College.

I liked the baseball. Too bad it's sold out, but I'll be keeping 20x200 around. Cheap art, what a concept.

So the email adress stays posted. The Internet Cafe, like Monty Python's, doesn't offer any dishes without at least a little spam.


Saipan Writer said...

The bit on the Univ. of Loyola at CNMI is distressing. Imagine wanting to get a medical degree and getting roped/tricked into that program!

I wonder if Haidee Eugenio knows they're using her photos to promote their venture.

Loved the Monty Python spam bit. (I tried to get SPAMALOT on the thespian musical calendar this year, but the cost for rights was prohibitive.)

Anonymous said...

Haidee Eugenio is listed as the email contact