Monday, June 16, 2008

Pit stop

It's nice to learn something new every day, but a new fetish? Armpit sniffer gets jail and cane. (Reuters)

The headline would normally be more than I really want to know, except the Law of Unintended Consequences popped into my head. Would this veddy British form of punishment attract a certain er, class of lawbreaker to Singapore?

Let's get political

While I'm mentioning this Law, how about President George Bush and his co-pilot (Maverick) opposing a new GI Bill because it might encourage veterans to leave the services? Does the same concern apply to throwing often unaudited money at private security firms so they can hire mercenaries?

That's no heifer, that's....

A Henny Youngman moment about fetishes. Have you been following the Appeals Court judge who dropped down to the District Court for a bestiality case? He declared a mistrial after he was caught posting the pictures on his website.

No pictures, sorry (I think). Why do these things always happen in the 9th Circuit?


bigsoxfan said...

There are days (many) when I wished the only paper I read was the Onion. And maybe the comments section in the variety.

Saipan Writer said...

I saw the story about Kozinski. Whatever happened to that image of judges as staid and proper? haha!

bigsoxfan said...

The only truly profitable internet business sells porn. Me, I trust prosecutors more than judges. Although, better buried by twelve than one doesn't always work. How about the involved case where the jurors played a silly game, when bored?