Sunday, May 18, 2008

Washington posts on immigration bill

Well, the Washington Post did a piece about PL 110-229 (S.2739), which included the CNMI immigration legislation. Okay, so it was a gossip column.

A mention's a mention and it probably has more readers than straight news:

Would Abramoff Have Ordered the Crow?

What's that line about revenge being "a dish best served cold"? There was some gloating on the menu Wednesday at D'Acqua, where about 20 human rights activists and Hill types gathered to celebrate the passage of a bill extending U.S. immigration laws -- and their protections for foreign guest workers -- to the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Why D'Acqua? Well, because the Penn Ave eatery holds a spot on the D.C. scandal tour as the former home of now-defunct Signatures . . . the restaurant owned by imprisoned ex-superlobbyist Jack Abramoff. . . who spent years blocking the legislation for his island factory-owner clients. "We said, 'Let's gather and raise a glass' -- but where? Well, it was obvious," said Dennis Greenia of anti-sweatshop organization Co-op America. "We had the sense that if these walls could talk . . ."
You might know Greenia as dengre. Small blessing: please note Saipan wasn't mentioned.

The search for a McCain impersonator is worth reading about too, 'my friend'.


bigsoxfan said...

You know, I don't think I would have much fun partying with that bunch. I can't see "larry the Cable guy', piece on the foster child" getting much of a laugh with them. From the party pics though, Dengre wasn't so much of a fat assed nerd as I had imagined. Still, we had a great afternoon with the russian Draganuv and the Ak's. two in the chest one in the head solves most of lifes little problems.

KAP said...

My worldview might improve if I shot holes in something occasionally-- not a Koran thenkew.

The tank sounds like fun.

And yeah, but I'd pictured Dengre as 50's coffeehouse thin dressed in black. Kind of like watching a movie and saying no, the book wasn't like that.