Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bucking the trend

Our air service glass is half full. That's the impression I get after reading Airlines’ Cuts Making Cities No-Fly Zones in the New York Times.

Sure, Continental has pretty much abandoned Saipan for Guam. It was probably bound to happen once Larry Hilbloom's plane crashed (cue the irony). Like it or not, Guam's the Micronesian hub for a lot of businesses. We still get some flights, charters and the Continental Connection to Guam through Cape Air.

Asiana Airlines, and Kumho Asiana in general, is moving in. The Marianas Variety says
Northwest to double Saipan flights. All in all, we seem to be in better shape than most areas.

The article surprised me. I didn't know
Cape Air was in the Northeast U.S., Florida and the Caribbean too. According to sometimes-reliable Wikipedia, it's the largest independent regional airline in the United States.

They seem to be pushing Rota, though. From the website: "Travel between the beautiful islands of Guam and Rota in under an hour, with more to do and see than ever before." Now that's a Continental Connection.

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