Sunday, May 18, 2008

Indiana Jones and The Wilhelm Scream

Quick, who's been in the most Hollywood movies? My money says the record goes to Sheb Wooley of Purple People Eater fame. Nobody's can prove he screamed for the soldier grabbed by an alligator in 1951's Distant Drums, but he had a bit part and did some dubbing.

It's called the Wilhelm Scream, from Charge at Feather River, the first movie known to have copied it. Since then it's been in classics, B-movies, cartoons and television shows including all of the Star Wars movies and the Indiana Jones franchise. The list goes on and on; it seems endless.

The movie is long forgotten, but the scream lives on. It's become a Hollywood inside joke.

Watch, or listen rather, for it in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The Wilhelm Scream is back.


yo bro said...

well, your link shows ....

it never went away. !!!

is there a single sample?

I bet I could learn to make the
scream and never have to worry about


yo bro said...


and it probably wasn't wilhelm, anyway, but some anonymous foley

KAP said...

It's a lame scream anyway.

Seemed ridiculous to just write about it when I knew some compulsive yahoo was bound to have spent hours compiling examples.