Thursday, May 15, 2008

Short takes

I read to be entertained, and the local newspapers have outdone themselves this week.

There's Governor Benigno R. Fitial's Commonwealth Ports Authority takeover, of course. I can't keep up. The Marianas Variety had two stories about board action and one about the first executive order superceding it in the Wednesday edition--by two different reporters. Two more executive orders in quick succession and the House of Representatives Resolves to oppose them.

"Something is terribly wrong," said Rep. Heinz Hofschneider. Yep, but it's better than television. When's the next episode?

But who's counting?

I could have sworn the CNMI Constitution says no more than 15 offices, agencies and instrumentalities under the Executive Branch. So, the Commonwealth Ports Authority makes...? I'm confused here, though. Is the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation still technically under Public Works so it doesn't count?

Tom Paine he's not

How many if Ambrose M. Bennett gets his way? After an unusual sabbatical of at least a week, the prolific letter writer is back with yet another 'common sense' proposal: an ├╝ber-governmental Education Department or agency. That elected school board just isn't representative or accountable, he says. Yup, Ambrose, things just aren't the same since you left.

Are you going to eat that cake, too?

Immigration Director Melvin Gray fought 'federalization' tooth and nail, while complaining that the Immigration and Naturalization Service wouldn't train his troops. Maybe they didn't know where to send the check. Umm, you mean you didn't provide for training with all of those fees?

Another Gray area

Earlier, he wondered how many local employees would be able to qualify for the federal agency. Well, he's the one who was hired as an expert on INS, but a layman like me would expect the same test I assume he took all of those years ago.


Oh boy, did I come up with a sarcastic post when I read “Vacationing alien workers, including those who have work permits in their possession, are now required to notify the Department of Labor about their exit.” (Saipan Tribune) Then I realized it wasn't about workers sneaking in on tourist visas. Oh.

Hollywood's walk

It's nice to hear the Hollywood Theater will be back in operation. If the higher-ups want to save a few bucks, they might tell their local manager he's not running a meatlocker or government office. That refrigeration is expensive.

I like Mike

It's too bad Public Auditor Michael Sablan is stepping down, though it's a positive that he doesn't want to be a career bureaucrat. I'm not the only one who wondered about the Joeten connection in a Pedro P. Tenorio administration. I was wrong. He's by far the best we've had.

Is the $5 million check still missing?

Not in the news, but I thought my attention span was short. That's good bumper sticker material, though.

Cheap shot

Our local reporters are uh, , less than conscientious about digging through campaign finance reports and I haven't checked them out personally in years. The federal rules that kick in for the CNMI Delegate race should be educational.

Section 10: Emergency Powers. The governor may declare a state of emergency in the case of invasion, civil disturbance, natural disaster, or other calamity as provided by law, and may mobilize available resources to respond to that emergency.


Saipan Writer said...

I want one of those bumper stickers!

Bruce A. Bateman said...

I think it was $4 million, but who's counting?

Include me; 1 more order for the bumblersticker.