Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The real Bill

So my brother was telling me about Newshounds. Motto: "We Watch Fox So You Don't Have To." He said he stopped because, well, it was just like watching Fox News.

It will fade for me too, I'm sure. Meanwhile, how about Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo finger-wagging each other over immigration? They could almost be on Saipan, discussing S.2739, now PL 110-229.

BTW, it reminds me of the younger Geraldo who crawled over walls to report on mental institutions. I liked that guy.

The younger O'Reilly? Let's travel back to Inside Edition. It's alright, he says it's okay to rummage through people's past like this.

Update with a sigh: the following O'Reilly rant has been pulled by You Tube for the second time that I'm aware of. Instead of constantly cutting and pasting new links, if it disappears again I'll just refer you to the fine folks at RatTube. This is the Year of the Rat, after all.

A lazy blog; I've got four or five Real Important Things on my mind. But no bloviating, because I'm also short of time, tired and a little burned out by the CNMI's continuing trainwreck.


Bruce A. Bateman said...

I always think of the 'insightful' Geraldo standing like an idiot in an empty basement vault years ago trying to look like he had accomplished something after all the hoopla. I lost what little interest I had in anything with his name attached. Fox is the perfect place for him.

lil_hammerhead said...

You know how "off" Foxnews is, when Geraldo looks like the sensible one in the lineup.

By the way.. the video of youthful O'Reilly is no longer available. Curious?

Fair and unbalanced said...

As above in the post: a blogger at RatTube is busily tracking viral copies.

It surely hit a nerve, but CBS claims it's about the copyright. You know Inside Edition's Bloopers, Stupors and Funny Moments. Coming soon.

KAP said...

You should catch the rant before it disappears. It's priceless.

cactus said...

This is great stuff. Biba Geraldo!

I didn't know that O'Reilly used to be with Inside Edition -- although when I recall the hatchet job they did on the CNMI a few years back, it certainly doesn't surprise me.

lil_hammerhead said...

Got it Kap! Now that is some great video. Gives you alot of insight into O'Reilly's volotile personality. I'll wonder from now on what's happening during commercial breaks on the O'Reilly show.. outside of him making sexually harrassing calls to his staff. Read those transcripts.. those'll fill up the ole barfbag.