Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Your own little toxic avenger

My son may or may not be too old to care about Halloween, but I've got a couple of grandkids who are at prime ages for some trickery.

Those hectorers at are trying to spoil all of our fun. Ten out of ten commercial face paints that they tested had lead. Most of them had just a smidgeon of nickel, cobalt and chromium, too. Here's another story with links to the report.

From the release: "The report also found many hazardous ingredients listed on the labels of Halloween hair-color sprays and make-up products, including butane (persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic), thiram (neurotoxic, possibly carcinogenic, used as a pesticide), alumina (neurotoxic), propylene glycol (possibly carcinogenic) and pigment green 7 and pigment blue 15, which are not approved by FDA for use in cosmetics."

Then again, they try to be helpful by recommending natural stuff like berries and avocados. There's even a link to The Smart Momma blog, so I forgive them.

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