Thursday, October 1, 2009

A shot in the foot

USA Today is saying that Officials seek to vaccinate illegal immigrants against H1N1.

That seems reasonable enough, doesn't it? Whatever your feelings about immigration, you don't want a pool of 11 million Typhoid Marys.

Ah, but check out the comments. Weird, wild, there are 700 and counting. The subject brings out the worst in so many folks that they can't see where their own interests lie.

But it won't be covered by health insurance.


What a coincidence; a cute cartoon from an LA Times blog


bigsoxfan said...

Be cheaper to shot them, than to corral 'em up and send them home. Not that any of the above has ever been a realizable goal. First rule in "surviving the zombie apocalypse" Have an attainable goal, right after stockpiling food on the second floor and destroying the staircase.

KAP said...

Some of the more extreme Minutemen might take you literally. You are talking about vaccination, aren't you?

bigsoxfan said...

Fruedian slip, must be more careful