Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Profiles in outrage

The Southwest Border Task Force wants to cut back on local enforcement of federal immigration laws, according to Themonitor.com in McAllen, Texas.
"Our goal is to get all of the Southwest border on the same playing field and draw out the realities on the border versus the rhetoric," said Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe TreviƱo, the task force’s vice chairman.

Civil rights and Hispanic groups have urged President Barack Obama’s administration in recent months to end the 287(g) program amid mounting evidence that some participating police departments have used the newly granted authority to justify racial profiling. (That's probably true, but the reporter is making an unsupported argument by using the word 'evidence'. Tch.)

As you'd expect, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the bootcamp jail guy, is the poster boy for the alleged abuses.

There are 18 other recommendations, but I haven't seen the report posted on the DHS website yet. The article summarizes several others.

I've tried to follow what 'the authorities' are doing with racial profiling. We all do something like that naturally, even if it's unconsciously; I think it's genetic. It can be useful *sometimes* but profiling is very, very dangerous to our civil liberties.

Travel travails

There's an interesting blog in the online New York Times suggesting that airport security may have been a factor in the Olympics going to Rio de Janeiro instead of Chicago.

Entering the United States can be "a rather harrowing experience," I.O.C. member from Pakistan Syed Shaid Ali is quoted as saying.

If you've been following U.S. travel numbers, they've been steadily declining since 911. One of the reasons the Marianas Visitors Authority dreads Nov. 28.

Temporary tattoo

Totally unrelated from a local paper: sounds like this purse-snatcher should just cut his hair. "The suspect was described as local male, in his late 30’s, about 5’4” tall, 140-150 pounds, wearing a gray sleeveless shirt, dark shorts, and short dark hair, covered with tattoos."

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bigsoxfan said...

On the money, Ken. The county of San Diego airlifted a bunch of hikers from the eastern regions who were into the helping the immigrants. A commentary on the sucess of the border fencing that even the resucuers couldn't handle the mountains. I forget what they call them, but rescueing the helpers is some weird sort of waste.
As to the olympics, fine. What did Lake Placid do with their facilities? Perhaps the Lt. Gov and family will be able to answer that question on thier return in 5-7.
The tatoo guy, well that description should elimate a bunch of suspects. I do hope the visa waiver will allow a simple piece of paper to be attached to a tourist visa. I'm guessing the homeland security guys on the ground are a bit worried about accounting for a plane load of chinese spies/infiltrators to guam/tourists on thier watch. Cheers and nice post (in the Glen D. sort of manner)