Saturday, October 10, 2009

Obama the Laureate *

I was just putting myself to sleep with CNN** when they broke the news about President Barack Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize.

My first reaction was congratulations! That's Great, but...

What has he done?

So far, he's made some great speeches, tried to hit the reset button with the Axis of Evil and the Moslem world, and scrapped a pie-in-the-sky missile defense system (replacing it with a more workable out-of-the-box system).

His foreign policy so far could best be described as Bush-Lite. That doesn't bother me at all. Like a locomotive or a ship at sea, a country's relations with the rest of the world has momentum. You don't hit the brakes or try hairpin turns.

I like what he's been saying, and I like where he appears to be heading. We just haven't seen any results and it's certainly too soon to say the world is more peaceful.

Now I'll read the stories.

* I was thinking of "The Not-Bush Peace Prize" as a title.

** It's better than warm milk; try it.

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