Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin carving time

Nope, you didn't click on Doc Khorram's site by mistake, this is a panel from Ray Villafane's pumpkin carving tutorial. Amazing stuff, though maybe too much for Saipan's underwater pumpkin carving contest.

I wish I'd run across this site a day or so earlier; this isn't like my usual hack a gourd.

I'd recommend a little patience. The page wouldn't load the first time and I got a server error the second. It looks like he's getting a lot of hits. I finally got through by trying the home page instead of the "pumpkins" page.

More photos on MySpace.

1 comment:

Saipan Writer said...

My first thought on seeing your post, in that fraction of a second right after the picture loaded, was-ugh, gross, Dr. Korrham's eye stuff...

I hate these guys. Just let me hack the pumpkin.