Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama the Arab

Here's an amazing video of the woman who John McCain corrected when she called Barack Obama an Arab.

Gayle Quinnel hasn't changed her mind.

Dementia and senility have been suggested since she's 75, and some pretty nasty names used in discussions.

That's an easy answer, but there seems to be more going on, like the sound of a mind slamming shut. McCain corrected her but that made no difference. She saw it "in the library" and in a pamphlet.

That's the dark side of our wiki-world: to some people all information is equal. We get to choose our facts.

From The Uptake: "This is an interview with her done by a live streaming cell phone. Interviewers include Noah Kunin, Senior Political Correspondent from The UpTake, Adam Aigner of NBC News and Dana Bash of CNN."

They have a transcript


Lil' Hammerhead said...

When you've made the selection of someone like Sarah Palin as a running mate, and you have people like Quinlen (sic) out there spewing utter nonsense, and they're at every McCain rally.. you get a pretty good picture of the IQ level and character of his "core" supporters.. and these folks are his "core" supporters.

Ask yourself.. "Am I qualified and able to serve as president of the United States".. be honest with yourself. If your answer is "no".. and if you're truly honest with yourself, it probably is.. then vote for Obama-Biden. If you feel any ninny on your block should have significant control of the strings of the United States government, the largest standing army on earth and our nuclear weapons arsenal.. then vote for McCain-Palin.

KAP said...

McCain's core was the media, he often joked about it. He used to mock people like that, until he bought the Rovian patent medicine. Part of the culture war formula is running against pointy-headed Eastern elites. I think he also felt jealous when Obama got the same kid-glove treatment he always enjoyed.