Friday, November 20, 2009

Jay Solly says no second poll

Jay Solly of Marianas Consulting took exception to my piece Eve of distraction. In the interest of fairness, here is the complete text of his latest Press Release. (I removed the email address, simply because I didn't want to subject him to the spam he would get if it was published on the internet.)

November 19, 2009

Second Poll ‘Unnecessary’ In Light of CNMI’s Chilling Political Climate

Saipan—Upon inquiries from media outlets, Marianas Consulting announced today that no additional polling would be conducted in the CNMI leading up to the historic November 23rd gubernatorial run-off elections. The company made this decision in light of the CNMI Governor’s Office and the Covenant Party’s heightened and unparalleled energies expended the day before the November 7th General Election. Though the statistically sound poll disclosed its full methodology as thoroughly or even more so than the University of Guam’s poll published earlier that week, the Governor’s Covenant Party Chairman issued a specious press release in a classic case of “shoot the messenger” chiefly because their candidate was not prevailing. The three other candidates for Governor did not issue statements.

Further, the Governor’s Office openly engaged in eyebrow-raising back-and-forth with a private company and the account of events and depth of involvement leave more questions to be asked than were answered. Consequently, this company terminated an employee with a personal relationship to Marianas Consulting’s principal consultant the same day the poll was released. In media accounts it was acknowledged that they contacted the Governor’s Office to inform that the employee had been let go, a highly unusual action for what was a private and internal personnel matter. Even more curious, the Governor’s Covenant Party thought it appropriate to comment on this personnel issue, offering words of support for the supposed “hurt” caused, but in reality, adding insult to injury.

Principal Consultant, Jay Solly comments, “On a personal note, my family and I are grateful for the outpouring of support from the community. We love Saipan and the kindness and giving hearts exhibited. We look forward to staying and will continue working for the community. It is likely that there would have been no effort to silence, discredit, or intimidate if the numbers were in Covenant’s favor. Again, neither I, nor my company, was contracted by any campaign when this poll was conducted, but now I know with certainty for whom I will not work—the rank amateurism of the Covenant Party opposition research linking Marianas Consulting to an Ontario-based company that happens to share the name made me chuckle. Incidentally, I worked in Moscow in 2005, did they check with Vladimir Putin too?”

Marianas Consulting concedes that a run-off poll again employing random sampling in line with theories of probability would likely be informative and serve well the interests of the people, but as Mr. Solly adds, “even statistics with reported sampling error come under fire in this chilling political climate fostered to stifle dissent. This, coupled with the ‘spiral of silence’ effect—where voters are less likely to voice an opinion if they fear reprisal, job loss, or isolation from the existing political apparatus—make polling in the CNMI uniquely challenging.”

The CNMI-registered company iterates that the only polls that truly matter are election polls where the free exercise of choice is safeguarded.

About Marianas Consulting
Marianas Consulting is a strategy, government & public affairs consulting firm headquartered on the beautiful island of Saipan in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, headed by Mr. Jay Solly. Jay has over 12 years of professional experience in political communications, public relations, marketing, and government arenas at the territory, state, and national level. Mr. Solly has advised, managed and worked on 26 campaigns in 14 years.


Anonymous said...

This guy is quite a character.
I have no issues running a business on a shoe string budget.
Please.... using your girlfriend's condo and phone line provided by her employer is a bit over the top.
Hell, use your own cell phone FCS.
I have no idea who he is, but he did blow himself out of the water here on Saipan. The bar scene at Godfather's say he is a nice guy. Wonder if his girlfriend is still on island? His interview (30 seconds of fame) on KSPN painted him as brash and arrogant. All the makings of a good lobbyist?

Anonymous said...

They booted him out of his house, but wow, the homeless can sure throw a punch.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was counting on that Heinz win to coat tail in on Angelo getting a job under the HA regime. That would pay the rent.

KAP said...

So Charlie's job is out of the question?

He seems likeable enough.

I still don't get his motive or what he expected to accomplish. I'm not even sure which side it helped.

Anonymous said...

Dear Governor:

You've seen my work, you know I can spin circles around Theresa and Chuckie.

Let's put this past us and you throw me that PIO gig before John Baldwin gets a visit from the Feds and squeals like a state fair piggie.



Anonymous said...

John Baldwin? HA! By the time they're done, Bridge Capital will be exposed and fleeing the island faster than you can say INDICTMENT.

Tinian greyhound said...

But he gives scholarships to the kiddies. Now IT&E is following his example.

Anonymous said...

Is it coincedence Kathryn Barry, who was responsible for the ITE QC also got that Census appointment?

Anonymous said...

I think that's federal. Even Charles likes the feds better (now). Maybe he knows their checks won't bounce. It must be hard for such a free enterprise cheerleader to move from one government job to another.

Chuckie's Sweetheart Press Gig said...

Maybe Solly should have gotten that census job, he's the only one who looks like he's actually worked for the Feds. But that would require Mike Ada to have to ok that... not likely now.

KAP said...

Oh, my. Here I thought Bridge Capital was so low key that no one was paying attention.

Seriously, I doubt that a 'spokesperson' knows where the keys are, and the word indictment gets thrown around pretty loosely. Wishful thinking don't make it so.

Anonymous said...

The young lady was one of the CEO's executive assistants. She had traveled to Southeast Asia to help with their hotel & casino projects. She may not know where the bodies are buried, but she certainly didn't pick-up dry-cleaning or office supplies.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it, the "young lady" got her ass canned because of the wholly unprofessional way she was used by her squeeze, Jay . He figures to save a few bucks on his shoestring polling operation and brings in the honey pot to help out. She screws the pooch by using the company phone. I would have fired her, you would have fired her, even his media darling Obama would have fired her.

On another but connected subject: Just what is it that brings this incredibly experienced (according to him) political aide out here to Saipan? Who brought him? For what? Did he have a gig lined up or was he just winging it? The answer to that would go a long way in helping me understand his obvious angst and anger.

KAP said...

The obvious answer is 'it's a small island, ask him.'

My understanding is that the girlfriend got a good job and he is just scuffling for work like anyone else.