Saturday, November 21, 2009

More on Saipan Shooting

I'm not in the mood to write today, but I've heard a lot of speculation about yesterday's murders.

The latest I've found is from the Pacific News Center, where Brad Ruszala is reporting the gunman's name as Lee Zhong Ren.

According to Ruszala, "Lee reportedly complained of a failed attempt to open another shooting range on the island."


SteeleOnSaipan said...

Because of course that's what is needed, more shooting ranges....right up there with more gambling, prostitutes and ice dealers.

captain said...

The question still is not answered, if indeed this guy was an ex Garment factory worker, how did he qualify to "manage" the shooting range,
How is he still there after the death of the owner. According to another site he has an "Umbrella" permit.
How was he going to open another shooting range when he is a contract worker.
Who in labor approved his job change to manage a shooting rang when you are required to submit two years experience to qualify for an employment contract?
With the Fed coming in a few days this will probably never be answered, but it should be and maybe the person(s) may be share some liability if this work contract was not done legally.
Does in fact have an employment contract? is he legally here,does he have a case pending?
Why was an alien hired in this job category when a local would have been a more competent person to work with weapons, especially when there are so many that have been in the Military available.
Who was paying this guy as the owner is dead and the range was closed?

KAP said...

It just gets weirder. Today's Saipan Tribune says the range was closed in April and he went to work there in May.

I lost my will to write for a few days... the 'can't happen here' syndrome. Besides, it would be uncool to speculate whether it's a Fail by DOL and DPS -- and does the AG make it a trifecta? -- while the bodies are still warm and going into an election.

My first guess was the that it was somehow connected to the feds coming in but I was waiting for more facts. I'm still waiting.

But the family is looking for answers, so it will be longer before the media's short attention span kicks in. Hey, even the Legislature might jump in. No hurry, though: it's three years until the next election.

Anonymous said...

I believe some of those "facts" are contained in Zongren's messages, but they are being withheld, as they will reflect badly on Uncle Ben. Out of work factory workers, unpaid laborers, and labor and immigration departments that couldn't manage labor.

KAP said...

It's easy to trace the root cause, whatever the details. The police didn't do a terrific job of supervising either.