Thursday, November 19, 2009

Honk if you love me

Well, thanks for the warning. I'll stay away from the Shell/Dandan and the Microl intersections from 4-6 p.m. today. If you're into traffic jams and roadside wavings here's your chance.

Heinz S. Hofschneider and Arnold I. Palacios will be up by Dandan, while Benigno R. Fitial and Eloy S. Inos are planning to be in Oleai.

Once is too much for me. My son, uh, forgot to tell me his report card was out until the last minute, so I caught the Ben and Eloy line-up last Friday.

I even waved a few times; to Eloy out of respect, and to a few friends. But I didn't want to look as silly as Manny Borja when he used to run for office: waving at every car like one of those little bobble dolls you put in a car window.

Mostly though, because I was in the right lane, I didn't even look at a lot of the faces. I was focusing on hundreds of toes creeping over the white line into my lane, hoping no one stumbled or darted out. I thought of Imelda Marcos in a parade, wondering if she stared at all of those shoes along her route.

The little feet bothered me. I really don't like roadside rallies, but, shrug, it's your choice. Please don't bring your kids, or else make them stand in the back. I was worried about hitting someone. So worried that I failed to recognize a lot of people and tensed up.

Some supporters helped keep traffic real slow by driving back and forth, stopping occasionally.

My son was suitably impressed, but 13-year-olds don't vote. I doubt that anyone is going to change their mind based on this stuff. Why, that would be as silly as sending soundtrucks out to annoy people.

I've actually seen people claim they won't vote for this or that candidate because of roadside rallies or loud music, reminding us that it's not wise to open up your mouth and prove how dumb you are. Anyone who has been paying attention knows the candidates differ on a number of issues, and they haven't been shy about pointing out those differences. They all have long records of public service.

Obviously, they also know more about campaigning than I do. Maybe the rallies are for the participants more than for the innocent by-drivers-- some kind of group-building exercise.

Whatever. I only got to talk to three teachers before the security guard locked the gate. This time I've been warned in advance.

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