Thursday, February 21, 2008

Post it note

Just out of curiousity, I followed the link in a Google ad on my home page (I know, I know, that's a no-no) about's Saipan Forum. What are potential tourists reading? thought I.

Here's one that I just had to flag. I'll copy the email reply so you get the idea.

Dear TripAdvisor Member,

Thanks so much for letting us know about your concerns regarding the Saipan forums, and for your helpful participation.

At TripAdvisor we do our best to allow a wide variety of members to voice their opinions, but at the same time keep the forums friendly and helpful to all. We appreciate your help in doing so.

At this time we're evaluating the situation and have already taken fair action to reduce the number of disruptive and inappropriate posts in the forum. We will remove posts that directly violate our forum guidelines or significantly disrupt a directly travel-related discussion. Please note that we have updated our guidelines, they may be viewed by following this link:

Thanks again for sharing your concerns.

Best regards,
DanTripAdvisor Support Team

On Wed, 20 Feb 2008 08:25:39 -0500, wrote:

> User: Ken Phillips (>
> Forum ID: 2885
> Topic ID: 1584975
> Topic Title: Need a good hotel for 3 weeks
> Poster Name: patron-silver
> Poster ID: 32ABDD2C07324150AD2E9FDB50F089A1
> Post ID: 9825529
> Post Body: Saipan has gone too the dogs.
> Water and electricity are intermittent.
> Tourism has ceased to exist.
> DONT swim in the lagoon, its polluted with raw sewerage.
>Link:> >


It overstates the problems. While the local utility is indeed stretched too thin, intermittent is a great exagerration. There are infrequent partial outages because of inadequate backup. They are planned to have minimal impact on tourist areas.

Tourism is down, it has not ceased by any means.

The beaches are red-flagged more often than I, or anyone would like, but it is an overstatement to say they are polluted with raw sewage.

The post is a hit job, for some reason.>

Maybe I should have replied to the post instead of complaining, but that's like replying to someone who asks if you've stopped beating your wife. You start by being on the defensive and I'd rather just have it removed. And yes, I spun it as positively as I could without lying. This is what potential visitors are reading about the island, folks.


Bruce A. Bateman said...

We just need to use a search engine too find whoo uses tooo many oo's in their twos. We will have our Silver Patron man.

Jeff said...

They're also reading what bloggers have to say.

KAP said...

Well, we don't have to worry about them reading me. The numbers are way down since I took my sabbatical. I actually am surprised at how many international visitors check in. The U.S. I attribute mostly to people from here or who have lived here. The same with Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia: the boys and girls in uniform seeing what they're protecting. Scary thought, that.

This post was mainly a goof, because I suspected I would be ignored and was curious if someone would call me on it. My suspicion appears to have been confirmed.

The complaint was probably never read until it appeared on this site. The reponse is obviously computer-generated and I don't think they really care one way or the other. The forum is just a "feature" to lure you onto the website so they can sell their product. The post was still there, the last time I checked.

I might have gotten a human response if the computer is programmed to kick out emails with keywords like 'slander' or 'sue'.

It doesn't really matter. I try to answer poison like this when my lurches around the web lead me to it. Maybe it makes a small difference, or not. I still try.

Jeff said...

If you post semi-regularly, they'll come back, and it won't take that long.

Anonymous said...

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