Friday, February 8, 2008

Meme? Or viral homework?

So I'm it. I've been tagged and should review and tag five blogs. Something I would usually avoid, because I link to people I read a lot and others can make up their own minds about them. But I'm told I'll have bad luck if I don't. It may be true: the last time I ignored a tag (from Jeff) this whole federalization thing picked up steam, the minimum wage increase was passed and garment factories kept shutting down.

This blogging thing is just entertainment to me, so I went for the the sites that keep me coming back the most often. Sometimes that's just a function of updating regularly. In no particular order:

The Saipan Blog -Angelo Villagomez

I first ran across Angelo's antics when I was searching for Ed Steven's then-new blog. That has degenerated into a soul-less rehash of his columns with no comments allowed, but I stayed with this one. At first it was because of his Linklust®. If somebody new popped up in the Saipan corner of the blogosphere (assuming spheres have corners in this dimension) they were likely to get a mention.

Picture Ralph Nader in Blue Suede shoes. Geraldo doing Al Gore. A Greenpeace document hidden inside a supermarket tabloid. Ah, that's not it. If you don't care for the cheesecake, come back tomorrow. I usually do.

Saipan and other random hypercritical thoughts - Jeffrey Turbitt

What Alan Colmes might write if he was here and had bigger cajones—and better comebacks. Mainstream liberal, not meant to imply all of the garbage spinmeisters try to fold into the word. Some would say the response could be 'I know you are, but what am I.' Too personal sometimes, but that's just me. My opinion, nĂ©? Good, clear writing style.

GLEND558 - Glen Doutrich

God bless him. I used to watch Glen suffer on other blogs. He kept trying to talk about issues and was always ignored and/or cut off. I'm glad he's got his own soapbox. Mad as hell and not going to take this any more. One of my first stops.

Saipan's Beach Boy Blog - Brad Ruszala

All over the map, but worth the journey. If it's a Dear Diary day, there's always the next post. I'd have to agree with Jeff, he takes other people's blogs very seriously, (if they're serious posts) and spends some time on his comments.

must be the humidity - lil_hammerhead

Queen of the adjectives. I like this one. Good (insert adjective) fun. OK, a lot of it is too personal for me, but easy to skip. Involved in incessant cold wars and border wars with her neighbors. I don't know the history and haven't done my research. The topics and writing style keep drawing me back.


Middle Road would easily have been number one back in the day. All right, not that long ago. They've been coasting lately, but at their best they are hugely entertaining and I still visit wistfully every time I'm making the rounds. I'm also not one who should be caviling about blog burnout.

Bruce Bateman the
Saipanuvian could have made the list, but I really only visit to post and browse the posts. I've usually already read it because it's not actually a blog, just his newspaper column with a few photos thrown in occasionally. Often wildly wrong and often entertaining. Rush Limbaugh with a tuba hangover. He can turn a nice phrase, my recent favorite being 'elevator rap' for the filler the local cable station puts in breaks from live sports. A libertarian with content moderation.

These are just the folks from the Saipan blogdivot, and the list is slowly changing. You'll note I couldn't stop at five.

I just returned from a lengthy hibernation and there are a lot of new perspectives I'm still checking out. There are also a lot of sites I visit but not so often—usually because they update infrequently. Strangely enough, they eventually make it to my Lazy Links ® When I'm not too lazy.

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lil_hammerhead said...

Best blog reviews yet. Beautiful. I need a tissue:) Good stuff.