Monday, February 25, 2008

Pat Paulsen for President

Now that we've left the early primary silly season and entered the really silly season it can only mean one thing. Pat Paulsen is running for President!

Wait, I'm told that he's been dead for ten years. Now what? Here it comes: Ralph Nader Running for President -- Again. Isn't this getting old?

Almost the same, really. He's already got one foot in the grave.

Maybe he can make it to five percent this time. I'd love to spelunk inside of his head for a few hours, if I had a trail of granola crumbs and knew I could get out. A serious candidate would have been building his base two years ago. You know, running candidates for, say, municipal council and dogcatcher.

Is it just about his ego, or is this only a way to get his ideas publicized? He'd have to be totally delusional to think he has any chance.

I just wasn't ready for a candidate that can call John McCain 'junior'. He makes the Senator look like a spring chicken.

It also means the Democratic candidate is going to climb up on stage with these two and look like he or she is up past bedtime.


The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Why should he be at the debates? It is not like he's a serious party candidate. He's running as an Independent.

KAP said...

He'll be there because it makes for a better media circus. Wait and see.

McCain isn't likely to complain too much either.

lil_hammerhead said...

I used to respect Nader tremendously. He's become a somewhat pompous circus act.

Anonymous said...

At least Pat Paulsen isn't demanding to be included in the debates.

bradinthesand said...

have you seen the youtube video where nader says that the bush administration threatened to invade iran if a major move toward alternative fuel is made?

freakin' ridiculous...

let me find the link and get back to you...

bradinthesand said...

oops, my bad. it was a move to impeach bush. here's the link:

i can't buy this crap.

"made fully aware of the overwhelming majority of
congressman john olver vehemently refused. rather he expressed his opinion that the current autocratic executive in the white house would attack iran from the air, declare a national emergency, institute martial law, call off the 2008 elections were the democrats to initiate impeachment."

what a bunch of garbage. and nader is peddling this crap?

KAP said...

This just in, at least for me. Over at they raise the possibility that Ralph Nader loves John McCain.

Well, consider the source, but it's an interesting article.