Monday, April 21, 2008

Gang of fours?

So I was looking for more news about Colorado Senate hopeful Bob Schaffer. I know, I know. Boring, old news-- but it's droll that he's the one that brought out his Marianas connection by saying we would be a model for a national guest worker program. Still, a timewaster until it brought me some Real Important News.

On an island like Saipan, we have many families with mixed marriages: religions, races, nationalities, you name it. How do we raise our kids?

Which gang should they join? Yep, the Denver media cover real problems too.

Seems this couple can't agree whether their four year old will join the Westside Ballers or the Crips. And you thought you had problems.

I suppose it's possible: Fujien, Yakuza... is the Russian mafia around?


lil_hammerhead said...
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lil_hammerhead said...

Gang membership is the product of bad parenting.. plain and simple. Of which the folks in that story are prime examples.

Pay attention to your kids, know what they're doing, involve yourselves in their lives, don't let them run out whenever they want, teach them respect, and most of all, show them love.. and you won't find them in a Gang.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

The 'gangs' here are pretty civilized by US standards. More like a drive by fruiting made popular in the film Mrs. Doubtfire than an LA gang shootout.

I got a big laugh the other day upon seeing grafitti that said "Tanapag Warz - fuck da soup". I pondered that for a while and then realized that not only was the tagger's vocabulary a bit stunted but his penmanship was bad too. His f looked like a p so he was trying to say screw the kids in CK or somewhere south of here in Tanapag. Fuck da souf. Well his spelling could use a little work too.

Odd that these kids would identify with felonious black street gangsters from the US inner cities when their roots are so different.

KAP said...

A friend brought his nephew on a trip to Washington, D.C. Seems the lad wanted to wander the streets and 'connect' with his bros. Bad idea sure, but why was it even necessary to explain?

I haven't kept up with the local gangs--nothing in the papers. Ha, I kill myself. There was one awhile back that DPS actively 'discouraged'. Harrassment and talking to the families I was told.