Thursday, March 27, 2008

No news is bad news

Another Saipan garment factory is shutting down. (Marianas Variety), but that's not really news, is it? Let's see, 154 people will lose their jobs. And if 13 are residents, the percentage is...? 8.44%.

There are extenuating circumstances, maybe, but the low percentage isn't news either. My friends (mostly contract workers) in the Human Resources departments of various big companies* tell me they're having a hard time getting twenty percent, never mind thirty percent.

I played a friend in my pool league a couple of weeks ago. He was glad to see me, because he was hired by JAL on Guam and was leaving in a few days. That's not news, I've had the same conversation about once a week for more than two years.

I've talked to two local job-hunters this week. They sounded desperate. Nothing new there.

What's wrong with this picture?

What about the hundreds of high school kids who will be dumped on the street in a couple of months?

No names, please; just say they have more than one vote in the Saipan Chamber of Commerce and leave it at that.

To be continued


Bruce A. Bateman said...

Those high schoolers you mention, with few skills and no experience will be hitting the job market just in time to experience what a minimum wage increase really means. The average HS kid can maybe be worth a buck or two per hour to his employer until trained. So how many will be hired at $4 per? Sure there are talented exceptions. How many?

Pelosi, or closer to home, Hofschneider et al, know these kids won't vote so they will become the under-the-rug consequence of the MWI. Hodges and his feel good squad will trumpet the wonderful benefits to be had by all. The HS grads will dip snuff and hit the unemployment rolls.

lil_hammerhead said...

One or Two bucks an hour? You're medievil.

In 1983, I was paid $5.00 an hour to deliver pizza. An un"trained" youngster, putting myself through school.

Give me a break. Pay your employees a decent salary, and cut back on the lunches at Wild Bills and Videos from the Movie Station.

Insane and morally reprehensible.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

You were wildly overpaid at $5 per as you would be today given your nonexistant skills. Probably why you are unemployed.

Cut back on flapping your lips and stick to swabbing out the toilet. It is your highest calling.

You, the coward of the county, calling out moral reprehensibility?

Pitiful and laughable.