Monday, March 24, 2008

Cause without a rebel

I've stayed away from this whole Miura thing. Just grist for the Japanese tabloid/Fox News mill. I might have joked about Saipan's extra tourists and the free publicity, but everybody thought of that. Finally, the reporters moved on to the next hot story.

Some people just never give up. Local businessman Keizo Ishida is trying to bring them back and make a few bucks on the side. He's selling t-shirts and plans to split the profit with Miura. Good, honest shameless self-promotion.

I thought about jumping in, but my best slogan was 'My other wife is a corpse'. Not quite as catchy, but I'd share the loot with social service groups.

Kazuyoshi Miura may be facing double jeopardy (being tried twice for the same crime). Heck, he might even be innocent. That's up to the California court(s). But this is a murder charge, serious stuff. Saipan's just a sideshow,an extradition.

I don't watch Law and Order and I don't like seeing cases tried in the media. We knew where this one was heading when Mark Geragos galloped into the scene.

But we should be used to it. I'm amazed that Tony Glad's lawyer hasn't told him to just shut up. I'm sleazed out with all of the Malite estate charges and countercharges in the media.

If you're not familiar with those last two, search the files of the Marianas Variety or Saipan Tribune. I don't want to encourage this garbage.

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